Doctrine of Discovery

Doctrine of Discovery Report

The 222nd General Assembly (2016) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) called the church to confess its complicity and repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery. The action also called for a review of the history of the doctrine and the writing of a report on the doctrine.

Offered below is the reformatted version of the Doctrine of Discovery report approved by the 223rd GA (2018).

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The Doctrine of Discovery web page

Multiple resources, including historical background, worship suggestions and videos are available on a new web page devoted to the Church’s stand on the Doctrine of Discovery.

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Native American web page

The Church’s Native American Congregational Support Office responds to Native American congregational issues and enables Native American Presbyterians to participate actively in the mission of the church.

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Presbyterians Today: Facing Racism

12-step programs agree that the first step to recovery is honest acceptance — admitting that we have a problem. Well, we have a problem: we are racists. Our attitudes and behaviors are often more subtle than overt, and perhaps more negligent or unseeing than intentional. Nonetheless, our racism is insidious, pervasive and incalculably cruel to people on the receiving end. This special and timely edition of Presbyterians Today contains a collection of stories and resources to help open our eyes and hopefully put us on the right track to start making things right.

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Native American Ministries Facebook Page

Engage and learn about Church’s Native American Ministries.

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