Race & COVID-19

Our churchwide antiracism policy, Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community, reminds us that sin “is manifested in severe inequality in education, wealth, income, and opportunity.” The COVID-19 pandemic lays bare and even magnifies the sin of structural racism in how it has had inequitable impacts on communities of color. From the uptick in anti-Asian racism to the disproportionate mortality rates of black and brown people, this pandemic reveals to us how much work we have left undone in dismantling structural racism, and calls us into a future in which we will reckon with our injustice so that we might right our wrongs. We pray that the Church of Jesus Christ uses this moment as an important turning point to more fully live into the vision of a Matthew 25 Church, where racism finds an adversary in the friends and followers of the risen Savior.

Please take advantage of these resources to inform your antiracist work in witness in these especially difficult times.


Helpful information for impacted communities.

Immigrant, Migrant & Refugee resources

General COVID-19 resources


Presbyterian News Service stories covering the intersection of COVID-19 and Systemic Racism and how Presbyterians are engaging.